We at Nicholas Gypsum don't worry about what's right & hence we have gone one step ahead and are committee to provide application training and resolve any queries or difficulties regarding the application arena trough our dedicate techno commercial team. We have a hands down approach for the same as we understand, what difference the application technique can make to the success or other wise of a product

  • Down the line skill Enhancement and up gradation of work force shall form an integrate part of our long term vision policy
  • We also have skilled & capable panel of our authorised contractors, who can efficiently deliver & can complete time bound project.
  • As we said, we always see what’s right, we keep a strict check during the course of application & visit the sites to verify if the application is done according to WHAT’s RIGHT .
  • We have a strong & dedicated sales & technical team who can give guide our clients & labour on any support needed.
  • As a matter of fact, arrangement of logistics is a major issue in this industry, so we have appointed our authorised vendors for logistic support, we can help you with their contact details if needed.