Gypsum Plaster - One Up


Chemically known as "calcium sulphate dehydrates," gypsum contains calcium, sulphur bound to oxygen, and water. It is a natural resource which is mined & processed all over the world but Nicholas Gypsum Is supplying the finest quality of all which has very good insulation properties both thermal and acoustic. Products of Nicholas Gypsum have properties like fire protection, moisture resistance, impact resistance and vapour control It can be used in various industries & segments one of which is construction industry. It can be applied in form of plaster or board on walls & ceilings as a replacement of conventional sand cement plaster above RCC or Bricks or Blocks. Gypsum provides a smooth interior finish for ceilings and walls, and is ideal background for good quality paints and wall paper finishes.


Gypsum Plaster Suppliers
  • Excellent Balance of properties
  • Apt setting time
  • Good whiteness,good strength,very smooth finish
  • No shrinkage cracks
  • Single coat application
  • Compatible to all kind of putty & paints
  • Substrate suitability - Plaster, concrete, brick work, block work, etc
  • Finest of the quality
  • Sincere after sales &training assistance
  • No need to add retarder for setting time


Technical Specification of nicholas gypsum plaster Compored to other Gypsum and pop
Parameters One Up One+ Other Gypsum POP
Whiteness 96% 97% Brownish Brownish
Fineness 1% Residual on 200# 1% Residual on 200# <60# <60#
Setting Time
    Initial 8 - 12mins 15 - 18mins 8 - 15mins 6- 8mins
    Final 25 - 30mins 25 - 30mins 25 - 30mins 24 - 30 mins
Bending Strength >45 kg/cm2 >45 kg/cm2 25 - 30 kg/cm2 20 - 22 kg/cm2
Compressive Strength
    3 Days >45 kg/cm2 >45 kg/cm2 45 - 50 kg/cm2 45 - 50 kg/cm2
    7 Days >55 kg/cm2 >55 kg/cm2 45 - 50 kg/cm2 45 - 50 kg/cm2
    28 Days >111 kg/cm2 >111 kg/cm2 45 - 50 kg/cm2 45 - 50 kg/cm2
Coverage @ 12mm Thickness 1.85 m/25kg2 1.85 m/25kg2 1.40- 1.65 m/25kg2 <1.5 m/2Skg2
Workability Very Good Excelent Good Poor
Finish Very Smooth, Crack Free, White Very Smooth, Crack Free, Extra White Smooth, Crack after, Less White Inconsistent with, cracks


Direction to Use

  • Always add powder to water & not other way round
  • Pot life of the product is 15mins, hence mix only as much material which can be consumed in 15mins
  • Do not alter contents of material which has already begun to set
  • Never keep bags open - Even while working, fold mouth of bag after removing required material, as gypsum being a hegroscopic material it attracts moisture
  • Setting time of the product is an inherent quality of the product & independent of the amount of water added. For longer setting time retarder may be used