NichoBond is a ready to use bonding agent which can be applied over smooth surface as a bonding agent. It is widely used as a base coat, before application of gypsum on smooth surfaces like RCC or precast, etc. It contains aggregates, which helps in the bonding process


Bonding Agent
  • NichoBond is a ready to use solution to be applied in single coat.
  • No haking required on RCC surface.
  • It can be applied with roller as well as brush.
  • No pre-preparation of surface is required.
  • It can be put to multiple use like fixing tiles on walls or sealing the crack, etc.
  • Drying time is 24hrs, but the product to be applied above can be applied any time before two weeks.
  • No dilution required.
  • Per kg of NichoBond covers approximately 100sft of the surface, however the actual covering depends on the quality of surface & method of application.


Direction to Use

  • Make sure, the surface where NichoBond is to be applied, should be free from foreign materials & dampness.
  • Thoroughly stir the material before use.
  • Though the company does not recommend any dilution & apply the solution directly in single cost, one can add maximum of up to 5% water for workability purpose only if needed.
  • While applying take utmost care of aggregates being evenly distributed on the surface.
  • The application to be done vertically and horizontally, simultaneously to get the desired spread of evenly distributed aggregates.


  • Never apply NichoBond on wet surface or the area which is prone to leakage
  • Store the material in cool and dry place
  • Company strictly does not recommend to dilute the material
  • Keep it out of reach of children